A Complete Advanced Personal Alarm System You Can Use Outdoors.

PendantPal provides our customers with total confidence to go about their lives safe in the knowledge that help is just a button click away. Unlike traditional alarms, PendantPal is a mobile device meaning it works anywhere in the UK with mobile signal.

Special Offer:  PendantPal device and charging pod is included free of charge as part of the annual plan. Lifetime warranty is also available for as long as you hold an active subscription.



What is PendantPal?

In a nutshell...

PendantPal is an advanced but simple to use portable device that offers you 24/7 access to our emergency careline (just talk to us through the devices microphone and speaker) with just the click of the SOS button. Not only this, but with PendantPal's built-in GPS technology we have the ability to locate you in an emergency with pinpoint accuracy. This means that if you are outside, help will be able to find you.

Why choose PendantPal for you or your loved one?
Free PendantPal device with all subscriptions.
PendantPal can be used outside the home unlike traditional pendant alarm systems.
Simple to use and works out of the box with no set-up required.
24/7 access to our TSA accredited call centre.
Lifetime device warrenty for as long as you hold an active subscription
Built in GPS tracking that works anywhere with GPS signal so that help can always find you.
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PendantPal Founder -
Ross Raymond-Jones

"During my time working both as a physician associate and as a nurse I have witnessed the security pendant alarms can bring to both my patients and their families. The issue with these traditional alarms is that they confine their users to their homes and therefore limit their independence.  PendantPal solves this issue by harnessing mobile technology and GPS making these alarms portable and providing confidence outside the home. I hope to get this technology in the hands of all those who could truly benefit from it while also enjoying my own entrepreneurial journey."

Call Center

Our Emergency Call Centre Service

A reliable quality service.

In order to provide the highest quality emergency call centre service we have partnered with a UK based District Council. Our careline service runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and manages over 170,000 calls a year. 


Our careline partners are fully Telecare Service Association (TSA) accredited and have been awarded the prestigious platinum award. 

Contact Us

Communication is important to us.

We strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours. Please use the contact form below or contact us via email at contact@pendantpal.co.uk

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