A Complete Advanced Personal Alarm System You Can Use Outdoors.

PendantPal provides our customers with total confidence to go about their lives safe in the knowledge that help is just a button click away. Unlike traditional alarms, PendantPal is a mobile device meaning it work anywhere in the UK with mobile signal.

Special Offer:  PendantPal device and charging pod is included free of charge as part of the annual plan. Lifetime warranty is also available for as long as you hold an active subscription.



What is PendantPal?

In a nutshell...

PendantPal is an advanced but simple to use portable device that offers you 24/7 access to our emergency careline (just talk to us through the devices microphone and speaker) with just the click of the SOS button. Not only this, but with PendantPal's built-in GPS technology we have the ability to locate you in an emergency with pinpoint accuracy. This means that if you are outside, help will be able to find you.

This is the primary function of PendantPal but it also packs a host of other advanced features. 

The future of personal pendant alarms.

Why choose PendantPal to look out for you or your loved one?
Free PendantPal device with all subscriptions.
PendantPal can be used outside the home unlike traditional pendant alarm systems.
Simple to use and works out of the box with no set-up required.
24/7 access to our TSA accredited call centre.
Lifetime device warrenty for as long as you hold an active subscription
Built in GPS tracking so help can always find you.

How does PendantPal work?

A Simple Step by Step Guide.

1. Order your PendantPal Complete Service package on our website and provide us with your emergency contacts.

2. Receive your PendantPal device via tracked mail (free postage) 

3. PendantPal requires no set up and will arrive fully charged and ready to be used out of the box. 

4. Press the call button for 3 second to turn the device on. 

5. Test the device - press and hold the SOS button for 2 seconds until it starts vibrating and speak with our partner 24/7 careline team and let them know you're testing your PendantPal. 

Call Center

Our Emergency Call Centre Service

A reliable quality service.

In order to provide the highest quality emergency call centre service we have partnered with a UK based District Council. Our careline service runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and manages over 170,000 calls a year. 


Our careline partners are fully Telecare Service Association (TSA) accredited and have been awarded the prestigious platinum award. 

Frequently asked questions


How long does the PendantPals battery last?

PendantPals battery depends on how often SOS calls are being triggered and how much the device moves over the course of a day. The device should keeps its charged for 48 hours under normal use but we recommend daily charging overnight.

Can you tell me more about the team behind PendantPal?

PendantPal was started by Ross - a qualfied nurse and physician associate - with a passion for entrepreneurship and healthcare of the elderly. Ross noticed that most personal pendant alarms only worked indoors and required someone to install them in the customers home. Seeing these limitations Ross founded PendantPal as a means of providing an affordable mobile alarm systems that can be used anywhere which don't require installation.

Does the GPS tracking work indoors?

GPS uses satellites to locate it's position. GPS is very accurate and reliable when used outdoors but can struggle to get a satellite signal indoors. If there is insufficent signal the GPS will not send our careline with its location. Fortunatly, our users want a GPS tracking device for when they are out and about which is why GPS is the perfect technology for PendantPal.

Do I need to top up the SIM card or pay for calls?

PendantPals integrated SIM card is managed 100% by us and all calls are included with your subscription. Our SIM cards connects automatically to any of the 4 major UK mobile networks giving you the greatest chance of mobile signal wherever you are.

How does the charging pod work?

Just place your PendantPal in the device pod and it will start charging. This design means that even those with poor dexterity can charge their PendantPal with ease.

What is the 30 day risk free trial?

When you sign up to one of our subscription payment plans we will send you your PendantPal in the post. If you change your mind within the first 30 days all you have to do is return the device to us and we will provide you with a full refund.

Why is the PendantPal device included free with each subscription plan?

At PendantPal we want to provide the lowest upfront cost for our customers. We hope to have a long term relationship with all our users which is why we provided the PendantPal device free of charge. Not only this but we also provide lifetime warrently for as long as you hold a subscription with us!

What happens if my device breaks or stops working?

All our subscription plans come with a life time warrenty for as long as you hold an active subscription. This means that if your PendantPal stops working and is not working as it should we will provide you with a replacement so you can continue to stay independent.

Is the PendantPal waterproof?

PendantPal is waterproof (IPX7). PendantPal can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. This means it can be used in the shower.

How much is shipping?

Delivery is 100% free and covered by us. Even with your 30 day risk free home trial.

Can I use my PendantPal abroad?

PendantPal can only be used within the United Kingdom.

Can I use PendantPal with a pacemaker?

As PendantPal is classed as a mobile device we do advise it to be worn on someone who has an pacemaker.

How is PendantPal different to regular Pendant Alarms?

Unlike traditional pendant alarm systems, PendantPal can be used outside the home and has built in GPS tracking technology so that help can always find you.

How often do I need to test the PendantPal device?

We advise testing your alarm the first day you receive it and once every month. By doing this you can be sure you are confidant using it in the event you need to use it in an emergency.

Does the alarm work on public holidays?

Our TSA accredited call centre worked 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

When do I provide you with my emergency contacts?

Once you have purchased a subscription plan you will be re-directed to our sign up form where you can provide your emergency contacts.

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