PendantPal Features

Image by Jonas Stolle
Call Center

Multi-Network Sim

Our integrated SIM card has the ability to connect to all major UK networks (EE/Vodafone/O2/Three) and is 100% managed by us. 

Wireless Charging

Simple, no fuss charging. Just slot the device into the charging unit when not in use.

24/7 SOS Call Centre

In the event you need urgent assistance our dedicated call centre will always be at the ready 24/7 365 days a year.

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Two-way Calling

PendantPal has a built in microphone and speaker designed for two-way calling so you can tell us exactly what is going on and what help you require.


Don't be afraid to get your PendantPal wet. It's waterproof and can even be worn in the shower.

No Set-Up Required

We set up and test each and every PendantPal device prior to shipping. The device is fully functioning out the box with no set-up or programming required.

Sound Speakers

Bluetooth 5.0

When inside your own home and GPS is not available PendantPal connects to it's docking station via bluetooth in order to save battery.

Location Tracking

PendantPals built-in GPS harnesses multiple satellites in order to pinpoint your exact location  (only when outside) and send this to our emergency careline when the SOS button is pressed. 

Voice Prompts

Receive clear and easy to understand automated voice prompts from the PendantPal device.